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Broadband without a landline and much cheaper than the landline so called fibre providers. Up to 3.3Gbps. No Contract

Landlines and so called fibre routers will stop in 2025. The choice then will be wireless and optical fibre routers. Wireless is the cheapest solution and here you can get for £10 a month a Wireless router. Then for £9 a month a new phone number with free UK calls an ethernet phone to replace your landline phone and keep it's number.

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Great new products are available to save you money on Broadband. We show you 4g and 5g routers that use a mobile sim such as the Muami Ryoku Portable WiFi 4g Battery Router. No Landline just use one the sim cards that comes with it. No need for your so called fibre router which is usually a copper landline adsl router that was miss sold to you as a Fibre router.

Of course if you want to use your existing sim for connections you will not pay any extra. You will have to keep changing your sim between the phone and router which means you can not use your router WiFi for your phone or other devices. Some may tell you that you can just network your phone, however this is only a 2 Mbps and some providers limit this to 20 GB.

You can have 150 Mbps download speeds for £10 a month from Giff Gaff is on the O2 network has a 5g sim which has to be ordered specially for the 5g service, or £20 a month. 1p Mobile is on EE and has allegedly a 5g service. Will be amazed if anyone can get it to work as 5g. For £15 you get 50GB and £5 of unlimited calls at 1p a minute. Three.co.uk. You can get the best 4g and 5 g service for money and with greater speed than landline providers and without any contracts.

We hope to help you get the best Broadband that is the cheapest and fastest internet you can get. If you are not yet in range of a 5G mast you can still use the 4G at speeds dependent on how far you are away from the mast. You can see the masts near you if you get the Network Cell app on your smart phone. This will give you the distance to your masts and give you idea what speeds you can get.

Now you can have Broadband on a laptop in your car with a 4g or 5g router and a 230VAC adapter in the cigarette lighter. See the latest at webhouses.co.uk/store under power.

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With 4g for Broadband up to 150 Mbps.

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With 5g for faster Broadband up to 3.3 Gbps.

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