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5G Broadband is very easy to start just order a any of these 5g routers and in two days you will be connected at up to Gigabytes per second.

There are two 5 g Routers to choose from the battery Huawei 5g Battery model with WiFi only.

Gigabyte Battery

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You can take this anywhere ideal for finding the best locations with the best speed. The second is the Huawei 5g Pro Router. This has two ethernet ports and a RJ 11 socket which you can attach a phone to make and receive calls. This model is mains powered.

Gigabyte 5g

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You should choose the best 5g network in your area. You can get a 5g sim from Giff Gaff on the O2 network for £10 for 10 GB. Second best is a Pay as you go sim from Three for £20 for 50 GB. EE want 2 year contracts for £20 a month for 100 GB which you can now avoid with: The best is 1p Mobile is the best yet on EE and has 5g for £15 you get 50GB and £5 of unlimited calls at 1p a minute.


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The mains router costs initially £409. However, you can get it for £28 from Three a month though it is locked to their network. The Battery 5g router costs £299, which you can use in a tent if you wish. The charge lasts a day when in use. On a 5g network you can get 3.3 Gbps if you are in a strong signal area. If you do not have 5g yet then you can get up to 150 Mbps on 4g through these routers. You can then wait for better speeds when network providers upgrade their masts to 5g

Now you can have Broadband on a laptop in your car with a 4g or 5g router and a 230VAC adapter in the cigarette lighter. See the latest at webhouses.co.uk/store under power.


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